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Bergerac Wine Holdings PLC ("BWH") was established in order to acquire a chain of luxury chateaux that produce quality wines, and provide a stylish backdrop to art and sculptures, thus creating a luxury wine hotel concept with appeal to deluxe and Ultratravel tourists. BWH will acquire properties exclusively in the prestigious Bergerac wine region, part of the stunning Dordogne river valley.

BWH is registered as a public company in the UK, and is headquartered in the Bergerac region. Its shares are listed on the Vinoxchange in London, Ticker Symbol "BWH". The company has sales offices in the USA and China in order to expand distribution into the key export markets.

The Bergerac wine-growing region is a sub-region of South-West France, located around the town of Bergerac in the Dordogne department, and comprises 93 communes. It is located immediately east of the Bordeaux wine region, effectively an extension of St. Emilion along the Dordogne river. 1,200 wine-growers cultivate an area of 12,000 hectares (30,000 acres). The Bergerac area contains 13 Appellations d'origine contrôlées ("AOC's") for red, white (dry, medium-sweet and sweet), and rosé wines.

The Bergerac vineyards extend across the southern part of the Dordogne department. Bergerac soil also features excellent drainage as a result of its proximity to the Dordogne River.

In 1936, when the boundaries of the Bordeaux wine-growing area were being drawn up, it was decided they should match those of the Gironde department. Bergerac and St. Emilion wines, which had long been sold under the generic name, Bordeaux, had to forge a new and separate identity overnight. The Libourne merchants who had traditionally sold these wines, now gave priority to wines with a Bordeaux label before even attempting to find a market for their other wines.


A 1733 bottle of Bergerac wine displayed in the Rijks Museum, Holland - many people migrated from the Bergerac region to Holland during the French Religious Wars at the end of the 16th Century, and trade flourished between the two nations thereafter. This bottle (and many others) was recovered from the shipwreck of t'Fleigent Herte.

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