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Bergerac Wine Holdings PLC ("BWH") sees quality wines and beautiful art as going hand in hand, and we actively encourage collaboration. Our partner. Ambassade d'Art, aims to bring spectacular events and art to our locations - stay in touch...

BWH can also offer customised labelling for family names, special events, for corporate marketing, for any occasion or excuse!!!

To enquire or place an order for wine, email us here ==> wine at

Wine Tastings

Independence Day, Geneva
- July 4th., 2017

This jubilant American holiday is world renown. We are planning a fabulous event that family and friends can enjoy. All are welcome !!
Come and sample our delicious Bergerac Wines...

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Art Exhibitions

Vernissage "Nuits de Bains", Geneva
- October 9th., 2016

A bi-annual art event in Geneva's art quarter - the famous "Quartier des Bains"..
Serving Bergerac wines with amazing art!!
Enjoy this classic art event...

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Music Festivals

Giez Music Festival 2017
at Chateau Giez - Sept. 28-Oct. 1
Artitistic Director - Linda Lin

Set in the beautiful Swiss hills, our guests are invited to a privately-owned 14th century castle where all the magic happens. Apart from world-class concerts in an intimate setting, guests are treated to local cultural tours, wine tasting, VIP dinner buffet, art and fine Italian instrument exhibitions, and most of all, a chance to connect with other international guests and music supporters.

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The World of Sculpture

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