Bergerac Recipes

The Bergerac region is famous for its wonderful gastronomy - duck, foie gras and truffles.

BWH offers some local produce to savour with its wines, and lists below some recipes involving its wine - enjoy!!

Monbazillac wine sauce

2 shallots
5dl Monbazillac wine
50g sugar
5cl wine vinegar
40cl veal stock

Peel/chop shallots and fry in butter
Add Monbazillac wine and let reduce to half on medium heat
Separately, mix sugar with wine vinegar in pan
Pour into reduced Monbazillac wine and add veal stock
Keep warm until serving

Excellent with poultry and white meats.. Bon appetit!!

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Duck Gigotin stuffed with foie gras and truffles

Duck breasts (1 per 2 persons)
80g creme fraiche
2 egg whites
50g cooked/diced carrots & celery
100g foie gras
1 pastry wrap
some sliced truffles

Remove skin from duck breasts and cut in half
Blend together egg whites, creme, then mix with vegetables
and season
Spread mix on duck breasts, add diced foie gras and
sliced truffles
Wrap in pastry and seal
Fry until golden brown, then place in oven at 180C for 15-20 minutes

Serve with Monbazillac wine sauce.. Bon appetit!!

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Scallops, shallots, endive confit and Bergerac white wine sauce

24 scallops
8 endives
80g butter
20cl light cream
20cl dry white wine
1/2 a lemon

Rinse and soak the scallops in cold water
Peel and slice the endives, then heat with butter and seasoning and a pinch of sugar
and season
Chop the shallots, and add the wine - gently heat until a paste.
Add the cream, re-heat, and add butter.
Dry the scallops and season - heat in oil with butter until brown, then cool.
Pour endive confit onto plate, cover with creamy shallots, then re-heat and serve scallops on to.

Serve with Bergerac dry white wine.. Bon appetit!!

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Monbazillac wine wonderfully accompanies...

As an Aperitif..
As an entree ..
As a main course..

With a cheese platter..

As a dessert..

Serve chilled (6-8C) or as "Kir Bergerac" (with 1/5th Cassis)
With melon, foie gras, ham, grilled lobster or scallops
With veal, pork or poultry, or also with chestnut jam with
nuts and onions
With blue cheese - Auvergne, Ambert, Roquefort, Gorgonzola
or Stilton, or with goat cheese
With strawberries or fresh figs, with nut cake, ile flottante or sorbet

Bon appetit!!

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