Bergerac Wine - Quality Wine with a long tradition


葡萄酒旅游和针对客户需求定制的豪华葡萄酒之旅,是BWH葡萄酒经验的补充乐趣 - 葡萄酒,酒庄,葡萄园,景观,艺术,历史和文化,都融合了您的呼吸.

计划你的假期,一个周末休息,一个公司活动,你的特别婚礼,主办艺术/音乐节,设立一个体育赛事,甚至写一本书或撰写音乐! Begerac地区迎接所有..

  • Bergerac葡萄酒自罗马时代以来一直享用。
  • 英国控制下的阿基坦1154-1453历史悠久.
  • 风景秀丽的葡萄园与多尔多涅河上令人惊叹的城堡相融合。
  • 我们的豪华酒庄将在里面展示策展的艺术品,可以定期旋转和更换。
  • 我们的豪华酒庄和艺术品将为计划的音乐活动和音乐会提供时尚的背景。
  • 可以围绕集合组织私人晚宴,拍卖和类似活动。


2B Wine Not ?
Join Marie-Paule and her team for a private tour of the region, or even enjoy a customised excursion of your own, planned by the 2B Wine not?
Picnic amongst the vines and enjoy wonderful wine-tasting in spectacular settings.
Tours can be conducted in French, English or Spanish, for a 1/2 day or more - 1 to 6 people.

Farewell Travels
We are a Connecticut-based travel design firm that specializes in customizing trips for discerning travellers. We are among a select number of US travel firms that are part of European-based Traveller Made®, which is the international seal of excellence for travel designers.


Bergerac Tourist Office
For local news, upcoming events, accommodation, gastronomy and heritage, as well as Leisure & Sports information.
Useful information re the airport, rentals, local transport, internet access etc..

Pays de Bergerac - Vineyards & Bastides
Places to discover, heritage sites, renowned gastronoomy and wines, this comprehensive web-site provides a broader perspective on the Bergerac and Perigord region.

Bergerac Wine - Quality Wine with a long tradition


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